Pleasantly surprised….

Not all your dreams are those that you imagine for yourself. Some times the universe has plans for you that you can’t even dream for yourself. If you asked me last September when I first started Crossfit if by April I would have my CF L1 certificate I would have said no way….

And look at me. A Crossfit Coach and shit

Say What!? I am officially a Crossfit Level 1 trainer! Best news I’ve heard all weekend. I’ve been waiting for this email since Thursday, driving anyone who would listen crazy, and now I can stop checking my email every 15 minutes! Feeling extremely excited about taking Crossfit to the next level for me.

Tanya Ford, CF L1 Trainer

Had the most amazing experience of my Crossfit journey this weekend. I took my level 1 cert training and test at NorCal Crossfit! So much love and encouragement. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to hang with for two days.

This weekend I had the awesome pleasure of attending the Crossfit level 1 seminar at NorCal Crossfit. What an amazing opportunity to be coached and WOD along side some amazing trainers and athletes. Although I am still working on my athletic physique I didn’t feel at all out of place, which is something I was concerned about. It felt like home. Like I was surrounded by others who feel the same way I do about Crossfit! I not only left with such a better understanding of how to be a great coach, but also how to be a better athlete, how to improve my quality of life through my training and why the Crossfit program makes sense for me! WHOA! So many ah-ha moments! 

So you are probably wondering why, if I had such a great experience, am I posting a picture of “fear”…..well the message is simple. Because I was fearful that others wouldn’t consider me a crossfit athlete I almost talked myself into waiting as long as need to look like an athlete before taking my level 1. That could have been 2 months, 2 years or forever, I just wanted to look like I belonged. The truth is I WAS chasing after someone else’s dreams, looks and goals. I needed to create my own attainable goals to chase after. No, I probably will never make it to the Crossfit games as an athlete but I will make it there as a spectator, as well as into my 80’s having a better quality of life and being able to wipe my own butt! :) Crossfit Strong!

Your quality of life tomorrow will be determined by how INTERNALLY fit you are today. 

Your quality of life tomorrow will be determined by how INTERNALLY fit you are today. 

This is the result of 14.5. I hope I never see another thruster or burpee again!

True story!

Shared on FB by rxsmartgear and it is such an inspiring quote I had to share it with my tumblr family! Get some!

Remember you don’t have to have all the answers! No one does…

And so my next journey begins….